Why are you on a sex app?

Sex apps are on everyone’s lips, but who are actually the users of such sex apps. Is it the neighbor next door? Is it perhaps the attractive colleague from the neighboring office. A few users of sex apps in New Zealand have told here why and what they actually use sex apps for.

Sex with the right men

I’m Marie, 29 years old and I use sex apps to enjoy life to the fullest and find free hookups in NZ. In contrast to real life, I have a specific selection of men here who I like and who fit my ideas. Casual dating is easy to do in real life, but it can just as easily backfire. Before the sex date, I would like to know what the man is into and that he is really only interested in having fun. A relationship is out of the question for me. Therefore, sex apps like C-Date are ideal for me and my needs can be met here.